TCPA Compliance Practice

The following are the services we offer to businesses and marketers for compliance with the TCPA, DNC and their rules.

  • Pre-lawsuit and post lawsuit regulatory review of TCPA compliance
  • Review of online or source opt-in for expressed written consent
  • Development & Drafting TCPA/DNC compliance manuals
  • Review of lead source agreements for TCPA concerns
  • Review of IVR and scripts for TCPA compliance
  • Drafting of expressed written consent opt-ins
  • TCPA and DNC compliance training

TCPA and DNC compliance isn’t a one size fits all solution. Marketers and online business now utilized multiple methods and means for client acquisition, promotional marketing through IVRs and SMS/text messages and Push Notices. Many times, parts of segments of this process are outsourced to third-parties. Sometime web-based third-party solutions are used to send the call or text. In some instances, an off-shore call center has been engaged and scripts provided via an online platform. Each has its own nuance and risk for TCPA and DNC exposure.Often marketers and business do not realize this until after a pre-lawsuit or TCPA lawsuit has been

Maldonado Law is available to structure and implement TCPA and DNC compliance programs with marketers and online business that depend upon telemarketing and text campaigns for promotions and communications with their clients. All compliance work is aimed at best practice mitigation of TCPA and DNC violations. This can include an array of compliance options and procedures including written policies, procedural manuals, better scripts, and implementation of better selection of lead sources or vetting procedures.

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