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The Internet is a dynamic environment that has constantly changing legal implications. Maldonado Law represents online businesses, mobile and software companies, and online innovators conducting commerce, publishing, producing multimedia innovations or communicating by and through the web. These include, but are not limited to, domain name owners, web designers, web hosts, e-Commerce businesses, online Bloggers and publications, social media upstarts, mobile application developers, mobile payment systems, downloadable software and SaaS software-as-a-service providers, platform providers, cloud computing services, and e-Commerce portals selling communication services or products through the internet. Some of the legal issues that Maldonado Law provides advisement and advocacy on General Internet Law are:

  • Domain name disputes and cybersquatting
  • Development of Website privacy policies including: Terms of Use (TOU), Terms of Service (TOS), Acceptable Use Policy (APU), Privacy Policy, Copyright policy, Disclaimers, regulatory Food, Drug, Product Safety Disclaimers, E-contracts (online contracts),, End-user license agreements, downloaded software Shrink-wrap agreements, and Policies for payment processing
  • Civil actions, or referral to law enforcement, of revenge porn or disseminated personal images hacked by identifiable persons
  • Civil actions, or referral to law enforcement, for unauthorized access by identifiable persons to a personal or financial online accounts
  • Cease and Desist Letters and Responses to prohibited or unlawful online activity, Attorney and Court Subpoena Policies, Take-Down Notices and Responses, Digital Millennium Act Notices and Responses, Online Copyright Infringement policies for web-hosts and third party venders of services
  • Legal Issues related to Internet Publication, broadcasting (Pod/Video casts) and Internet Radio Stations.
  • Representation of online news or news feature publishers related to content stories, features, reports, advisories, analysis, or controversial topics, including First Amendment claims or controversies.
  • Representation of online Journalists, Bloggers, and Authors using the Internet as their primary communication medium for content publishing.
  • Representation of Online professional & social media network policies, including acceptable use policies, terms and conditions, defamation policies, User Rules, and complaint procedures.
  • Representation of Internet Marketing Companies and Companies maintaining an online corporate or professional reputation, image, social media and content management for brands, products, services and persons who encounter difficulties related to online reputation problems, online dilution of products or services, or are seeking legal counsel to review press releases and internet releases on sensitive issues.
  • Representation of Internet Radio Stations and IPTV channels from upstart to convergence with mainstream broadcasters including copyright and royalty issues and disputes, advertising campaigns, Live broadcaster, Content Streaming Agreements, indecency issues, and trademark, service mark and copyright issues including infringement cases.
  • Representation of online picture and video publishers or photographers in combination with multi-media websites.

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