Fintech Practice

  • Regulatory Review and advisory opinions
  • Filing of No Action Requests (state)
  • MSB registrations and licensure (state & federal)
  • Compliance Review and policy implementation BSA, KYC, and AML

Maldonado Law has worked with Fintech and payment systems since 2004. Our early work focused on open and closed loop stored value systems and cards within the U.S. and cross border. Later, the internet, technologies and mobile applications allowed those systems to be combined into what is known as Fintech today. The foundation of the legal and regulatory framework governing both however has remained consistent. Sometimes a system is unique and falls outside Money Service Business (MSB) and other financial regulatory oversight. Sometimes it does fit within the scope of regulations as an MSB and licensure and compliance is needed. Maldonado Law is available to Fintech services to guide them through the process of finding the safe harbor compliance.

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