FCC TV Licenses & MVPD Registration

FCC TV Licenses & MVPD Registration

FCC Class A Television, Digital Television, Television translator, and LPTV station licenses & renewals

For Full Power Television, Digital TV, Low Power TV, UHF, and VHF broadcasters, Maldonado Law offers FCC licensing services. Among them we prepare and submit the following applications on behalf of clients:

  • FCC Form 303 Construction Permit for /Commercial Broadcast Station
  • FCC Form 303-CA Application for Class A Television Broadcast Station Construction Permit or License
  • FCC Form 303-D Application for Digital Television Broadcast Station License
  • FCC Form 2100-303-S Renewal of Broadcast Station License
  • FCC Form 314 Application for Consent to Assignment of Broadcast Station Construction Permit or License
  • FCC Form 315 Application for Consent to Transfer Control of Corporation Holding Broadcast Station Construction Permit or License
  • FCC Form 317 Annual DTV Ancillary/Supplemental Services Report for Digital Television Stations
  • FCC Form 323 Ownership Report for Commercial Broadcast Station
  • FCC Form 345 Application for Transfer of Control of License or Assignment of License/Permit for a TV, Translator or Low Power Television Station
  • FCC Form 346 Application for Authority to Construct or Make Changes in a Low Power TV, TV Translator, or TV Booster Station
  • FCC Form 347 Application for a Low Power TV, TV Translator or TV Booster Station License

Maldonado Law also works with all pre-filing and post filing aspects of the sale or assignment of an Full Power Television, Digital TV, Low Power TV, UHF, or VHF broadcaster’s station or assets. Our firm has represented both buyer and seller in such scenarios. Maldonado Law must be engaged pre-closing for all applications of FCC Form 314 (broadcaster assignments) or FCC Form 315 (broadcaster transfers of control) as Commission approval may take 30 days to several months depending on the compliance history of the buyer and seller, and if any NOV or NALs are pending at the time of application. NALs, NOVs or missed compliance reports must be cured prior to the applications for assignment or transfer being submitted. If any applicant (buyer or seller) is on RED Light status at the time of application, the application will not be processed by the FCC until the debt is resolved. Should this be the instance, Maldonado Law can resolve the matter with the pre-filing due diligence and work. Please inform us if this is the instance.

In the case of new applications under FCC Form 347 Low Power TV, TV Translator or TV Booster Station License and renewals under FCC Form 2100-303-S Renewal of Broadcast Station License, Maldonado Law requires that it be engaged at least 90 days in advance of the application’s deadline or target date for filing.

A Multichannel Video Programming Distributor (MVPD) is a distributors of multiple linear video programming streams, including Internet-based services. MCPDs who stream live TV over the internet are known as V-MVPDs. An example of a V-MVPD is Hulu. Video Programming Distributors who stream on-demand pre-recorded video and premium cable channels purely over the internet as known as Over the Top (OTT) providers. An example of a OTT is Netflix that offers no live TV, only previously recorded content, videos or movies. The nature of over-the-air live television programming, multichannel video program distribution, and pre-recorded programming and movies is in a process of convergence over the internet. Although OTT is not regulated by the FCC, MVPDs and V-MVPDs are regulated and have requirements whether their broadcasts include streamed content or they simply broadcast live-on-air programming. Maldonado Law works with V-MVPD and OTT clients. For OTT clients, advising them on regulatory broadcast criteria and their programming distribution projects is key to ensure they remain as OTT, no matter if their service is accessed via cable or satellite internet. For their FCC regulatory status may be dependent on their relationships and programming in conjunction with cable and TV broadcasters. Where and when necessary, V-MVPDs must file regulatory reporting and be registered with the FCC to do so.

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