About us

About Us

Since 2001, the Maldonado Law Group has sought to offer its clients individual attention through creative, cost effective representation of the type that often is not possible at larger firms. Beginning primarily in the area of telecommunications and business law, the firm has expanded its practice over the years into a variety of areas of practice which now include specific corporate representation of small to mid-sized companies, administrative law matters, zoning issues related to development, commercial litigation and contract negotiations either at inception or prior to pending litigation. The firm has years of experience handling a wide variety of legal matters and because of our experience we can provide our clients with high quality yet affordable representation in a broad range of legal issues.

While mindful of growth, the Maldonado Law Group has not forgotten its origins and maintains a niche boutique practice representing clients and businesses in the fields of telecommunications, VoIP, prepaid calling cards, POS business, stored value cards (SVC) with their business transactions, corporate structuring, state/federal regulatory compliance, satellite/wireless frequency licensure, telecom billing disputes, lobbying, telecom litigation, patent litigation, SVC products & services compliance with Patriot Act, escheat law, and Money Service Business regulation, money transmitter licensure, and financial service compliance for SVC products.

The group now offers online legal consultations for out-of-state clients and client matters and is available to meet and discuss on any mater within the scope of its practice. We invite you to review our website and contact us with any questions you may have.

Thank you for your interest and continued business.


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