Florida Litiation Practice

Maldonado Law provides full service representation in the State of Florida in civil courts including county, circuit, and the district circuit courts of appeal statewide. Our primary focus is on technology, communications, media, and the internet, however we maintain relationships with other attorneys and firms statewide to cover a wide variety of legal issues, including real estate, commercial lease, bankruptcy and assignment for benefit of creditors, commercial collections, domesticating foreign judgments, labor law, workman’s compensation insurance actions, defense of personal injury claims in the workplace or retail location, and other similar legal issues that affect doing business in Florida. Maldonado Law’s primary civil litigation practice includes:

  • Business disputes and litigation
  • Business torts
  • Unauthorized Computer Access litigation
  • Unfair Trade Competition/False Adverting litigation
  • Trade Secret litigation and injunctions
  • Defense of Florida Unfair Trade Practice Act (UTPA) Attorney General
  • Co-Counsel Services for cases involving technology
  • Co-Counsel Services for Electronic Discovery involving electronic communications and internet

Maldonado Law represents clients in defense of Florida Unfair Trade Practice Act (UTPA) by the Florida Attorney General. These are actions that result from complaints from Florida consumers received by the Florida Attorney General (Florida AG) or referred to the Florida AG by the FTC. Our services begin at the investigation stage of Florida AG actions, and can carry through negotiations, Answer and response to the lawsuit, pre-trial practice, discovery and trial, if necessary.

Florida Criminal Defense Practice

In 1997, founder Edward A. Maldonado began his legal career in the under the mentorship of locally well-know criminal defense lawyers in Miami-Dade county. Within six months of becoming a Florida attorney, he performed his first solo jury trial for a client facing 1st degree felony charges, a trail that resulted in acquittal. Thereafter, Mr. Maldonado represented clients in a variety of criminal felony cases and trials in the Florida including capital crimes. Mr. Maldonado later moved into his intended field of technology, communications and media law, but has always maintained a practice under Maldonado Law for those faced with criminal charges in the state of Florida. Maldonado Law now defends clients in criminal cases involving technology, communications or computer systems. Our criminal defense practice is statewide in the State of Florida. We also represent Florida clients facing federal charges related to technology. Our practice area and experience includes:

  • Criminal Defense –Crimes involving technology, devices or software in commission of the crime
  • Criminal Defense – Pirate Radio Charges (unauthorized and unauthorized frequency, interference)
  • Criminal Defense – Unauthorized Computer Access (hacking and theft of communication services)
  • Criminal Defense – Misappropriation of Trade Secrets (software, devices and technology systems)
  • Criminal Defense –Fintech (unlicensed MSB service)

Often, Maldonado Law is brought into a criminal case by the criminal attorney of record of the client to expand the defense of the client based on our know-how. We provide Co-counsel services statewide for criminal defense attorneys and can coordinate e-discovery in those matters.

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