Federal & Florida Agency Practice

Maldonado Law maintains an active Administrative Law practice representing clients before federal and Florida government agencies. We represent business clients in hearings set by agencies over new rules, permits and licensure, as well as alleged violations. In Florida, these are conducted by the Department of Hearings and Administration (or DOHA) who are comprised of administrative law judges attached to the particular agency. DOHA hearings are limited to pure fact finding under the particular law and rule applicable to the agency decision, and not the validity of the overall rule or law at issue. Appeal of a DOHA judge’s findings is made to Florida Circuit Courts or the Florida District Court of Appeals, or the Florida Supreme Court depending on the circumstances. Federal Agencies have a similar process, but are governed by the particular federal statute that empowers the particular agency. This may be the federal district courts, the courts of appeals, or specially defined courts of appeal such as in the case of the U.S. Federal Court of Claims.

  • Applications to Federal and State for License or Permit
  • Representations for hearings before Regulatory Agencies
  • Advisory Opinions on challenges to Agency decision or findings
  • Appeals of Federal Agency Determinations
  • Representation in Florida DOHA hearings
  • Appeals of DOHA findings to Florida Circuit Courts
  • General Administrative law and advisory opinions
  • Representation before the Florida DPBR

Maldonado Law also represents business clients before boards and panels within agencies regarding license grants and revocations. We represent clients before the Florida Department of Professional and Business Regulation (DPBR), Department of Education, and the Department of Health on such matters. Maldonado Law also represents communications infrastructure businesses on local zoning issues related to antenna and tower construction or modifications as well as fiber deployment and easements. Within our practice we further represent business clients in proposals and bids for municipal and state contracts.

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