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Maldonado Law maintains an active Internet law practice encompassing general legal issues related to e-commerce and use of Youtube, social networks, marketing networks and mobile applications. Maldonado Law’s Internet practice also includes the legal issues affecting and defining the IoT of Internet of Things at this time. IoT involves the next step of Internet use by integrating virtual systems, digital paths, devices, data, computers, mechanical systems and objects in the real world to optimize the function of the Internet to perform automated functions and tasks without requiring direct person-to-person interaction or the need to enter data manually into a system. Typically IoT involves an IoT device and its connectivity to the Internet (by broadband or wireless access) to perform the functions or the tasks. Examples of IoT systems and devices include Home Voice Assistants. Home Video Door Bells, Environmental & Temperature Controls, Security and Hazard Safety Systems, Automobile maintenance systems, transportation and logistical tracking and logistic systems, Drones used for survey, photographs, damage assessment and route repairs evaluation and Business to Consumer Delivery Drones. Maldonado Law also provides legal services concerning Online Advertising by marketing companies, e-commerce sites doing direct sales online, virtual service companies, Mobile Application web shops, fintech services, Youtubers, and brick and motor businesses using their websites to promote and market their goods and services.

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