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Articles, Press & Press Releases

Articles published by Ed Maldonado in the Prepaid Press

prepaid press articles Edward Maldonado

Anatomy of the FCC Prepaid Calling Card Order

Major Points of FCC Order & New Rules On Prepaid Calling Cards
Chronology of Events by Ed Maldonado

The Legal Line & Regulatory Rundown, Prepaid Press

The Legal Line - Consumer class action claims for prepaid calling cards
Regulatory Rundown- 214s, PUC and New Telecom Registration
The Legal Line - VoIP services not totally preempted by FCC's Vonage Order
Regulatory Rundown-Telecom, Money Services and Payroll Cards
The Legal Line- Universal Service Fund Liablilities

The Prepaid Press
December 15th, 2005
Republic of Haiti Sues Aristide
Reported by Ed Maldonado

Regulatory Rundown- USF, FCC & CALEA, VoIP & E-911
The Legal Line- Supreme Court Ruling on the Dial Around Compensation
The Legal Line- IDT or consumer class action lawsuit
The Legal Line- Special Feature: DAC, Both Sides of the "Coin"
The Legal Line - USAC regulatory fee
The Legal Line- Fradulent credit card chargebacks
The Legal Line- Ethics and the Legal Line Submitters
The Legal Line- Opposition to DAC Grows
The Legal Line- Universal Service Fund Contribution Charges
The Legal Line- CALEA Requirements and Compliance
The Legal Line- DAC Attacks Against Established Providers
The Legal Line- Telephone Call Surveilance in Connection with the Patriot Act
The Legal Line- Regulation-Z Issues for Stored Value Cards
The Legal Line- Charge-backs on Online Payments
The Legal Line- Advantages of Licensure and Registration
The Legal Line- VoIP Internet Hacking Incident
The Legal Line- Prepaid Gift Card Fraud
The Legal Line - VoIP Records Used as Evidence in Court

Prepaid Press articles prior to 2006

phone magazine
Phone+ Magazine
Published on 3/2004
What Resellers May Not Know
About 214 Authority

911 Carrier Down
How to Smell a Prepaid Rat Part I
How to Smell a Prepaid Rat Part II
How to Cage a Prepaid Rat
CIC'ing it Up a Notch
Method to the Madness - USF
Maldonado 2004 Predictions on the Prepaid Industry
The Regulatory Definition of VoIP
Illinois Prepaid Phone Card Fraud Act: Maldonado Assists in Drafting
Will New Illinois Law Make a Difference
Maldonado Solicits Comment on NY Prepaid Legislation
Haiti sues Aristide / US Telecoms Implicated

Prepaid Press Legal Line questions answered by Ed Maldonado

Distributors and Jurisdiction of Small Claim Cases when Selling with Invoices Only
Prepaid Inter-exchange Carriers and FCC De-Tariffing (Filed Tariff Doctrine)
Prepaid Service Bureau Customers and Licensure (what is needed)
Criminal Liability for Prepaid and Telephony Scams (California Convictions)
Can I Trademark a CIC?
Company Technicians Testifying at Deposition or Trial in Regard to Prepaid Billing Dispute
Is There a Standard Telecom Contract
Regulation Without Representation - Lack of Lobby for Small Carriers
By-Pass Routes and Clean Routes in Latin America - How Can I Tell
Prepaid Carrier Asks When Underlying Carrier Quality Fails To Do Limitations of Liability Protect
CLEC Interconnection Agreements - Are They More Technical Than Legal
Effect of an Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy for Ongoing Billing Dispute
Can Minor Criminal Convictions Prevent Obtaining FCC 214 Authority
California Consumer Bill of Rights and Application to Prepaid
Whose Data is it Anyways - Can Billing Company Lien Essential Customer Billing Records
The case of NorVergence Part I
What Licensure is Necessary for Private Label Prepaid Phone Cards
Stored Value Cards and FEMA What Can Be Learned From the Problems After Katrina (EBT vs. SVC)

Theft of Intellectual Property and Proprietary Software by Client's Employees and Ex-Employees While Engaged Under Contract
Does the FCC Just Want U.S. Citizens to Have 214 Authority
NY Attorney Asks About the Hacking and Theft of VoIP
Regulatory Disclosure by Means of Ambiguous Acronym - Is That Correct?
Telecom Equipment Warranties - Or Lack Thereof
Theft of Hard Card Product - What Constitutes Loss for Insurance Purposes
SVC Compliance with Patriot Act and MSB Regulation
Any Case Law on the Valuation of Un-Activated Phone Cards to Determine Loss
Things to Avoid at Conventions - Napkin Deals, 5th Drink Deals and Vague Name Droppers
Formal Complaints to the FCC vs Enforcement Actions - What's The Difference?
Gift Card Fraud and Platform Policies/Protocols
Beware Hackers Target Prepaid VoIP Carriers


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